Cancerous patient
presents with warning signs of unexplained weight loss, fatigue, fever, night sweats, and skin changes. Some patients present with pain whereas, some of the patients experience no pain. There is no single test that can diagnose cancer. The complete evaluation of cancer patients requires taking a detailed history, doing a proper general physical examination, and undergoing diagnostic testing. Diagnostic modalities for cancer patients include diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests (including the test for tumor markers), a biopsy of the cancerous tissue, endoscopic examination, surgery, or diagnostic testing. Diagnostic imaging includes transmission imaging (in which we have X-rays, bone scans, mammograms, lymphangiograms, and computed tomography scans), reflection imaging (in which we have an ultrasound), and emission imaging (in which we have magnetic resonance imaging). Fulfilling the complete cycle of diagnosis by undergoing all the diagnostic modalities requires a handsome amount of money. Some people in this world are unable to spend enough money to diagnose cancer and hence lose hope in their lives. Here comes the role of selfless and altruist organizations like ARMANI JOHNSON ALLIANCE that helps the deserving people from the time of their cancer diagnosis till the completion of their treatment cycle to bring hope and happiness to their lives .

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