Several human beings deeply appreciated the sincere efforts of ARMANI JOHNSON FOUNDATION in combating poverty. Between generation of adequate resources and delivery of those resources to the deserving people stands the live formula to lessen poverty from the society. God has created every single life with divine purpose and eternal beauty. Some of us lose the beautiful smiles on our faces and shines of eyes due to impoverishment and financial hardships. The financial crisis people are facing calls for philanthropic and non-profit organizations from all over the world. We all need to work jointly to reduce and fight against the deadly virus of poverty. The socioeconomic differences between different classes of the same society give birth to financial hardships. An abundance of resources to the upper class and scarcity of basic human life products to the lower class put great mental stress on the mind of needy and poverty-stricken people. We know that no one is safe until everyone is safe. If a single group of society suffers from mental distress, it will affect the psychological status of all members of that society. ARMANI JOHNSON FOUNDATION cannot leave the deserving people of the world to suffer. We know that we will reap what we sow. We are planning to generate a well-organized financial plan to support and lift the financially vulnerable people. Combating poverty requires careful planning to utilize and deliver resources to needy people. We want every single bite of a meal to reach to deserving mouth. Utilize every possible resource to satisfy the hunger of the world. Try to help the deserving people of the world by improving their living standards and entertaining them with basic human needs. Make every face cheerful and smiling, and bring shine and spark to every eye with the help of your donations. Make food, clothes, and education accessible and convenient for every life.

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