Between deteriorating health and a wide range of possible symptoms of cancers stands the live stage of the presence of ARMANI JOHNSON ALLIANCE that gives meaning and endless hope to our life. Uncontrolled divisions of cells in the human body give rise to tumor production in the body. The growth rate of tumor production can be fast or slow. Fast-growing tumor production gives rise to malignancy and, then these malignant tumors invade and destroy nearby normal tissues and spread throughout the body. As the malignant tumor grows, the bloodstream or lymphatic system may carry cancerous cells to other parts of the body. Due to its rapid growth, the human body contains a number of metastatic lesions within no time. Initially, cancer spread to the nearby lymph nodes, which are bean-shaped organs that help the body fight infections. There are different causes of cancer production in the human body; for example, it can be a genetic mutation, environmental changes, or family tendency. Sometimes the presence of inflammation in the body can induce carcinogenesis and provide a path to the cancer cells for progression. The environmental factors will also help your body cells to divide repeatedly without any check and balance. For instance, excessive use of tobacco, cigar, cigarettes, pipes, snuff, and smokes leads to oral cancers. So, the presence of carcinogens inside your body or in your lifestyle will put you at risk of having cancer. Cancer production can occur in any organ of the body but, some organs of the body are at more risk. For example, breast cancer and prostate cancer are most common among the general population. Lung cancer and oral cancer are more prevalent in smokers or alcoholics. Skin cancers are common in the population that is having excessive sun exposure, like farmers. So, your lifestyle or your profession somehow decides the risk you have for any cancer. Some cancers are so aggressive that they invade your whole body within no time; when we come to know about the diagnosis, it already destroys your main organs, and palliative treatment remains the only option for such patients. Acute myeloid leukemia is an example of aggressive cancer that invades the whole body within four to six months without any initial presenting complaints. Chronic lymphoid leukemia, the most common form of leukemia in adults, usually gets worse slowly. So, the rate of progression of any cancer is a significant factor in diagnosing cancer and planning a treatment plan .

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