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The festival of happiness and good spirit is around the corner. Christmas is a cheerful annual jamboree celebrated on 25th December. This event is celebrated by spreading love and happiness in the form of giving beautiful gifts, memorable social gatherings, symbolic decorations, and feasting. Spreading love and alleviating the sufferings of others are the two most common traits of a living person. But our fast living and digital era have played a significant role in setting our lives apart. That is why it becomes difficult for us to spare some moments for our loved ones. To lessen these distances, we need some joyful events and festivals. God has gifted us one such pleasant and heartwarming event in the form of Christmas.


The arrival of December knocks everyone’s heart and makes them attentive to the most joyful event of the year, Christmas. Ways of Celebrating this prestigious event are different in different communities as well as different states. Some individuals follow the custom of sending love in the form of gifts, decorating the tree of peace-the Christmas tree, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive at their balconies, visiting churches, and distributing food and clothes among deserving people of the society. Celebrations help us to attract different people, to make the poor people of society happy, and to lessen the personality differences among individuals. Happiness becomes double when we share it with others. Christmas provides you with the best time of the year to forget your clashes and spread love and happiness.

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