Travel Sponsorship and Air Ambulance

Travel Sponsorship For Students and Air ambulance

ARMANI JOHNSON FOUNDATION helps students to avail education and jobs opportunities through our sponsorships. You can fill the gap between imagination and reality by covering a distance of kilometers through our traveling sponsorships. We remove the factor of financial obstacles from your life. We think that your dreams demand to be fulfilled. The sky is the limit for you. Let’s fulfill someone’s ambition through your donations.

Underprivileged areas of the world do not have basic medical facilities. Even people who need intensive care facilities are deprived of such facilities. In this time of emergency and health crisis, ARMANI JOHNSON FOUNDATION stands to provide air ambulance service to critically ill patients. Best patient care at every cost is our top-notch priority. Our intense relationship with humanity tries to save every second of critically ill patients. Help us to save lives and grow up kindness with your hands.

Raised: $400.00
Goal: $10000.00